Our commitment

We help ambitious leaders who want to get succes with new and better business models and to be more resilient at agile. We help rising tech rebels and large resilient companies in all states of business.


Strict focus 

We are business model centric. Focus on the business model started with Nils at PwC Denmark purposefully  the danish translation of business model generation, the continuous focus on business model strategy has ledt to our current state of experts in business model strategy and value creation.

Up to

This point

At 360 ° Sprint works closely with ambitious leaders on strategic issues.

For many years, we have worked with over 500 companies across industries and types of companies to gain insight into concrete major challenges and issues and solutions to strategic decision makers and the issues facing them.

  • Strategy processes with all from start-ups to listed companies
  • Active participation in research (latest knowledge - broad systematic collection of relevant issues)
  • Sharing knowledge through education and books

Beyond this point

We strive to help decision makers create, deliver and execute better business model strategies every day. We are continuously working towards identifying the needs of our customers in our delivering methods, focus on expertise and so on. 



  • Nils Wegener

    Funder & partner

    M: +45 2323 9803

    E: nils@360sprint.dk

  • Daniel Wegener

    Partner & Next Gen

    M: +45 2323 7377

    E: daniel@360sprint.dk

  • Dorthe Wegener


    E: dorthe@360sprint.dk

  • Sophie Johansen

    HR & Culture specialist

    E: sophie@360sprint.dk