A common strategic reference tool and collaboration platform is essential to teams acting at the strategic level. Better business models and value creation starts with fundamental understanding and insights of patterns. Business model mindset empowers strategic thinking and discussions when critical decisions is to be made. We share our hands-on knowledge with you and your team to create an operational mindset to empower the strategic discussion.

  • +50 courses

    In collaboration with our learning partners we have designed and delivered highly rated courses for strategic decision makers and their teams all over Denmark. 

  • +500 companies

    From all kind of industries. From start-ups to SME's, VC's and listed companies. They all have a business model and want to make it better and prepared it for the future. 

  • +750 leaders

    Who wants to adopt new mindset, new tools, better business models and to be a better and more successful leader.


In collaboration with our long standing knowledge partners we are humble to be part of a board selection of programmes and courses that can benefit new and established board members.

University of Aarhus BSS

Board Education Programme

The goal of the Executive Board Programme is to increase the level of competence and the value creation in the board of directors.The programme covers the whole aspect of board work (e.g. strategy, economics/finance, law, owner/generational change and crisis management).

Length of the programme:
The programme runs over 10 modules/10 full days within a period of 6 months.

Nils and Daniel is responsible for the strategy aspect of the programme.

DKK 67.500 ex. VAT

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University of Aarhus BSS

Executive Chairman Programme

The programme prepares you for the role of chairman in a changing world, which places completely new demands on the chairman. The focus is on your role as head of the board, and therefore before the start of the training you will be offered to determine your personal profile, so that during the course of the training you can focus on your personal preferences, strengths and weaknesses as leader of the board.

Nils and Daniel is responsible for the strategy aspect of the programme.

DKK 29.500 ex. VAT

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PwC Denmark

Board education

On the course, you will gain knowledge about practical board work, your rights and duties as a board member/employee-elected representative, and knowledge of the framework set by company legislation. The course thus enables you to make better decisions - and able to create value in board work through more knowledge and curiosity, which can give you more influence on the decisions.

Nils is responsible for the strategy aspect of the programme.

The course is held over two days.

DKK 12.990 ex. VAT

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