...we had a holistic strategic approach that was easy to use in small and large companies in pratice? This was one the questions behind the motivations for a collaboration between Nykredit, PwC og Aarhus University about the science project Vidensforum. 

Nils created and founded 360°Sprint® at PwC on first hand experiences with the project 'Vidensforum' combined with his deep insight as trusted business advisor. 

Ever since our independence in 2016 our work with sharing our knowledge and testing it with our partners in applied science has been a cornerstone in our 360° Sprint purpose.


    With the business model at the center, we make sure to create a fundamental overview of the company and the rationales on which it is based. The key to change is to understand the patterns that create value for customers, the company and the context in which the company is located.

    Working with open source stategy tools we have kept focus on the business model through out all of our involvements in applied science.

Arhus Universitet BSS, Gejst Studio, 360°sprint, Industriens Fond, Center for Hybrid Intelligence og 1Climate.

ESG - Fra rapportering til forretning

2024 - Ongoing

"ESG - From reporting to business" is a completely new project with a focus on helping Danish SMEs to be able to report on ESG themselves across their value chain, as well as to identify opportunities for business development based on their ESG reporting, thus that they can secure the future and develop their business and growth as well as attract new customers, business partners and investors.

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Arhus Universitet BSS, Gejst Studio & Industriens Fond


2020-2022. Finalized

Rethink NOW! is a research project funded by Industrien Fond under their theme call "Strengthened through the crisis", which was launched when COVID-19 shut down the country in 2020.

The project consists of 2 parts. In the 1st part, 40 SMEs worked individually to identify, qualify, prioritize, validate and execute on business initiatives that can become the company's future growth engine.

In the 2nd part, knowledge and tools from the 1st course were scaled via group-based workshops, where the companies have worked to rethink their business green.

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Arhus Universitet BSS

Bestyrelsen som digital katalysator for vækst​

2018-2020 Finalized

360°Sprint have contributed to mapping of all the involved companies business models and digitalisation level in the project. Read more about the project in the link below

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University of Aarhus BSS & Randers Kommune

Vækstledelse for fremtiden

2018. Finalized

A miniature 'Vidensforum' where we have educated the implied companies in business model mindset. Read more about the project in the link below.

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University of Aarhus BSS, PwC Denmark & Nykredit


2013-2019. Finalized​

Our experience from the last 8 years in the project has created the 360 ° Sprint collaboration model, and the company 360 ° Sprint via a spin-out from PwC Denmark. We were proud to see that the results support focusing on the business model in close relation to management / organizational profile and cash flow parameters having the greatest impact on financial value creation.

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In the following section is an overview of courses and learning that we have decided to create on our own.