We bring our new mindset into your board room

Our Business Model Mindset are shaped by our trusted partners and the leaders that we have helped over the years. With our commitment to board work, we put our mindset and knowledge into a committing partnership with you and your board.

We have a burning ambition

We strive to create a positive impact with our involvement in board work. Whether your company has a bold vision to change the world for the better or you want to change your company for the better.

  • Business Model Mindset

    Our holistic business model mindset is key to our understanding of the business rationals and companys distinct capabilities to ensure the right foundations of crucial decisions making in the board.

  • Critical and creative thinking

    From hundreds of strategic processes we have accumulated a board set of real life situations and solutions that is beneficial in discussions and dilemmas that occurs in the board room.

  • Governance

    Our close work with education on board work brings us up to date with best practices in boards responsibility and governance,

  • Value creation

    Our strict focus on behalf of the shareholders is to create value to all stakeholders from people to profit and planet.



A broad career as a publicly chartered accountant at Deloitte & PwC as Partner. Since teaming up with Mette Neville(AAU BSS), Nykredit and PwC, Nils has been razor focused on creating value for the Danish SME's by simplifying and creating better ways to enable strategies across industies. With boards at the centre of many applied sciences project and as educator and censor at the University of Aarhus Business and social sciences educational half year board programme Nils has a unique knowledge on strategic board work.



Daniel has recently completed University of Aarhus Business and social sciences educational half year board programme and with final exam on the subject of company culture as part of the boards work. Daniel is now an external educator at the Executive Chairman Of the Board programme.


Board contract

Whenever we set to enter to be a member of the board, we sign a member of the board contract that describes shared expectations and focus on value creation.

We usually enters for a 24 month period or longer to prove a documented impact and focus on follow-through.

Year in the board room

Attending board meetings usually follows a wheel of activities as a set of expectations this shared view will be a key from the start of our collaboration.


Please reach out if you wish to talk with the people that know us.