Strategy consulting

We help ambitious leaders who want to get succes with new and better business models and to be more resilient at agile. We help rising tech rebels and large resilient companies in all states of business.

  • Motivation

    Identify and frame motivations for changes, challenges and critical decisions from an inside out and outside in perspective.

  • Starting point

    Create visual strategic insight and under-standing of patterns in: Collective IQ & Culture, Business Model & Value proposition Distinct Capabilities 360° Context.

  • Strategic initiatives

    Create a strong portfolio of strategic initiatives and objectives that have high impact on Stakeholder value. Connect initiatives to Your Business Model and execution and capability model.

  • Strategy execution

    reate visual roadmaps and actionplans that are designed for executing in 90 days sprints.

    Adopt a 90 day sprint mindset to stay focused and agile in a dynamic context.


Do you have a strategic plan for


Our deep understanding in business models allow us to create substantial impact on processes regarding change of ownership. Please reach out to hear about how we have driven excellent companies to an attractive exit.

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